Community Partnerships

The Performance Centre is a world-class institute housing internationally-respected practitioners and researchers guiding bright talents. That is a potent mix of facilities, knowledge and creativity; a combination we are putting at the service of people living both locally and further away. 

Our principal goal is the achievement of academic excellence – but that is not something exclusive or elitist. It is something we are keen to share. This is also a place to drop into, have a coffee, pick up a brochure, see a lunchtime concert, get involved…

A developing programme of partnerships with community organisations is providing wider access for even more people. Our aim is to set in motion sophisticated, meaningful and life-enhancing public engagements. We are committed to working with other groups to create new opportunities, build mutually beneficial relationships and ensure that the activities here have the widest possible impact.

For instance, Falmouth University is a cultural partner in the Regional Educational Legacy in Arts and Youth Sport (or RELAYS), a project linked to the London 2012 Games inspiring young people in the South West and their communities to take part in cultural and sporting activities.

If you are interested in more details about our existing partnerships, or if you would like to work in a new partnership with us, please see the following pages:

The Performance Centre also provides valuable placement opportunities for students, practitioners and members of the community. Please contact